Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Setting up any printer to use with AirPrint for iOS devices.

I'll start off by saying this problem has annoyed me for a while.

When I first learned of AirPrint, I thought great! What an awesome idea, then I learned that Apple only wanted to limit it to a specific range of printers and this annoyed me, why couldn't we just use any printer attached to a computer that was part of the same wireless network to print?

Apparently, according to many, many other people, I'm not the only one who thinks this way, and thanks to the developers at Netputing there is a solution! They've designed a handy little piece of software which allows sharing over the wireless network in your house to provide for AirPrint. And it works well.

Without re-writing their webpage, head over to http://netputing.com/airprintactivator/airprint-activator-v2-0/ to download their latest version, as well as a handy video and screenshots for set up. Normally, I'd be happy to do that here, however they've already done the hard work and made it simple to use on their site.

The best part about their software? It's free. If however you do like the software, and you'd like to thank them for their hard work, they do have a donate button on the top of their site, and for such a great, simple piece of software that works so well, you may decide you'd like to contribute. I did, as I have been really happy with it.

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