Thursday, 13 December 2012

Beware of Whatsapp scammers

A few hours ago I got a text from an unknown number to me on a popular texting app on smartphones called WhatsApp. After a quick google of the country code it showed that the number originated from Thailand.

If you ever get unsolicited text messages from anyone it's always helpful to try and google the number to see if it shows up anywhere. I've included my screenshot below from when I got the message.

It's very import and you just delete the message straightaway and do not click any of the links inside the message. Clicking the links inside will take you to a website which shows to the sender that you have validated your number and displayed in interest. The scammer will then continually likely send you text messages and all call you in order to get information from you.

In this instance, the number that I got the message from was +66 86 643 2701

Just a warning to everyone to not click any links you may get a message from from this number or from any number that you don't recognise for that matter.

This is another friendly public service announcement :)


  1. My whole family has been getting messages from numbers ... Google it and it comes from India one from +9184680768076578 its not a link i am not sure what it is but, the profile has the default pic on it but the message itself contains something with various random letters on such as this one was EFUA and it as a pic on it with a girl in a bikini prob to tempt guys from opening it... another number also on whatsup was this one ... + 918695075095 also same thing.. default profile but thing in to open with a picture of a woman in a bikini on it this one named ADEDE. They clearly use the same number for one day since i kept one message for in case and the last log in was the day they had sent the message. This is just 2 numbers but most of the people i know have been getting these? what do they want and why are they doing this?

    1. Ultimately, what they want is your email address to spam you, or your details to get money out of you. Just make sure you never reply, and just block them. Only reply to people you know for certain!

    2. Also make sure to never - EVER - click any links in their messages. Definitely a bad outcome is sure to eventuate.