Monday, 10 December 2012

Windows 8: How to access "My Computer"

I've recently upgraded my computer to Windows 8, and I am the sort of person who keeps all of their files in organised folders - sort of. Since the introduction of the new operating system from the team at Redmond, aka Microsoft, I've found that accessing these files is not easy to do like it used to be. Either I'm not taking the right steps, or the options just aren't immediately accessible.

I have found a solution that works in the interim. On the right, is a picture of the task bar, with the familiar icons (the first two anyway) that come as standard with a Windows 7 installation. As I upgraded from Windows 7, I am unsure if they are standard with Windows 8, but this guide is going on the assumption that you either upgraded from 7 or they are standard in 8.

Clicking the folder icon will bring up the "Libraries" window which shows your documents, pictures, videos etc. On the right is a navigation pane, which you can use to view different folders on your computer. You'll notice that there is the "Favourites" section up the top, then the Libraries section, then Homegroup and finally Computer. The "Computer" section is the one we are interested in for this guide.

Right clicking it will give you a number of options, look for the one that shows "Pin to Start".

This will create a tile in your start menu, which you can access from literally any program simply by hitting the Windows key on your keyboard.

You can move this tile around by clicking and dragging it to the desired location in your start menu screen, giving you instant access to your hard drive, devices and network locations attached to your computer.

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