Friday, 20 April 2012

The fire from the sky still falls. Diablo III has not yet launched.

When trying to install the game you get this error message: "The fire from the sky still falls. Diablo III has not yet launched." and a screen that looks like this:

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If you're wondering what this error means, because you're trying to install the public beta opening this weekend, it means that you have downloaded the retail version of the game, and the version available for play this weekend is for beta clients only, not with retail clients (which is a slightly different install).

You should be able to access the Diablo 3 beta download from Blizzard's page here

Note that you need a account to use it. You can sign up for a free account through this site too.

UPDATE #1 (24/04/2012) : As the public BETA weekend is now over, you will not be able to access the game unless you have been invited to do so with a BETA key.

UPDATE #2 (11/05/2012): Blizzard have announce on their blog that:
We will be unlocking the game's installer at 17:01 CEST on May 14. This will allow you to begin installing the game, troubleshoot any issues you run into, download and install the launch day 1.0.1 patch, and be ready to play as soon as the servers come online.
So this error after this date will no longer be a problem.

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