Friday, 20 April 2012

How to get Smiley Faces and Icons for texting on an iPhone [Emoji Keyboard]

I have been asked many times by friends how to get the smiley faces in their texts to their friends. Well, if you have an iPhone with the latest software update (currently 5.1) you're in luck.

It's quite simple to turn the keyboard on, and once it's on, you are ready to go. I'll put a quick caveat in, that this does work over iMessage, and other chat clients like WhatsApp, but I am not 100% sure on compatibility for general SMS messages. Some seem to work, some don't. Feel free to try and if it works - great! If not, maybe check the recipient has a recent phone with the most up-to-date software.

Here's the step by step guide of how to turn it on for iPhone.

On the home screen, go to settings.
Scroll down to General
Scroll down to select International

Choose Keyboards

Choose add new keyboard
Pick Emoji from the list


You should have two keyboards listed.

 Go to Home screen
Choose the Messages App

You should have a little globe icon in the corner of the screen, tap it.

Now you have the Emoji keyboard up.
You can scroll through the list of smileys by swiping left or right, and seeing all the options you have available to use and if you choose one of the icons down the bottom, this changes the tile set, and you have a whole bunch of new icons to choose from.
Hope that helps!

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